Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If A Tree Falls

So yeah, I have been sadly inconsistent about this blog business.  Trying to rectify?  Simply following up on a whim?  Well, I guess time will tell. :)

I'm getting that fidgety spring redecorating fever which happens, lets face it, more often than just once a year in the spring.  I am a rabid wallpaper fan, always have been, and though I brush it aside I consistently go back to wanting tree themed wallpapers (well obviously I have a tree thing, look at my blog wallpaper!)  Specifically, I always revisit Cole & Sons "Woods" pattern.  Some say it's overdone, but me, can't get enough of it no matter how many Pinterest boards its on.  I have a couple others pictured below that I also kick around so weigh in, opinions are welcome (though I can't promise I'll pick your favorite.) :)

And hey, on a side note: I do plan (best laid plans yada, yada,) on devoting more time to this blog with some really good give away contests so sign up, tune in, stick around.  You never know, you may just win something fantastic! :)

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