Sunday, May 5, 2013

Real Dress Forms of Oakland County

Episode 1: Meet the Ladies:
(From left to right:)

Jemima: "I've got legs, and I know how to use them."
Prudence: "I've been around longer than any of these ladies and I can tell you, bigger IS better."
Beatrice: "Don't get it twisted, I'm not just a Bauman 14, I'm a Bauman 14P!"
Pippa: "I'm tiny & I can wear things the other ladies only dream about!"
Celeste: "Perfect size, two last names, collapsible shoulders, up & down petal, I've got it all .

We meet up with the ladies at a summer shoot.  New girl Jemima is unaware that Celeste and Pippa are quietly talking behind her back.
  Pippa: "Jemima thinks she is so superior with those legs.  Just because she is the only one who can wear bathing suit bottoms doesn't mean anything.  
Celeste: "I completely agree.  She doesn't have it all, her shoulders don't even collapse."
Pippa: "Well, my shoulders don't collapse..."
Celeste: "But look at you, your teeny!"
Pippa: "That's true."
Jemima: "You two look so cute, love those bathing suit tops!"
Pippa: "Did you see Prudence? Doesn't she realize she is a little buxom to be wearing a two piece?"
Jemima: "I don't know, I like the mod print.  I like Beatrice's dress but it seems very wrinkly."
Celeste: "Um, Beatrice is Pippa's sister...."
Pippa: "I don't appreciate you talking about her like that."
(Prudence to Celeste:)
Prudence: "Seems like a nice group of ladies, I feel a little old though."
Beatrice: "No, never!"
The Bauman sisters break it down.
Beatrice: "I think everything went pretty well.  No major drama."
Celeste: "I don't know how I feel about that Jemima, saying your dress was wrinkly."
Beatrice: "Well I never.  Michigan is going through an economically hard time, I can't afford a tailor and a maid.  I tell you, those forms with legs really think they are something!"
Celeste: "And what's with Prudence wearing a bikini?  She doesn't really have the shape for it."
Beatrice: "She's Edwardian, they had a different shape.  Stop being so size-ist!  Although an Edwardian wearing a mod bikini does seem a little off."

It would seem the drama level was kept to a simmer, but what the future holds...wait and see.

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