Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Phone It In

I have been coming across many vintage telephone related items lately and some of them are seriously cool.  Here is a small selection of a few favorites.

This phone has seriously made me reconsider the whole land-line concept.  I will say I don't like ketchup normally but this phone makes me crave it.  Find it at phatheads.

How about a 60's vintage paper dress?  Now throw in the fact that the one at wavesong is made to look like yellow book pages.

I have a real thing for old plastic so a vintage telephone cord handbag is always welcome.  The bright colors on the one at callmechula make it even better.

Last but certainly not least is this apple phone at oliveandfrances.  I think it is hilarious that everyone seems to have an Apple phone, just not like this!

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